Tuesday, December 28, 2010

RadTech Styloid Stylus makes signing with our VMRelease™ App easier!

The snow is falling all around us here in the north east and there is no way I am going to take my gloves off to tap on my iPhone so was extremely happy when I found this great Stylus! We at VMRelease™ care about our users and are always looking for solutions to assist our customers.

We field tested the RadTech Styloid Stylus in New York's recent 20 °F conditions and were very happy with this device which allows you to input and sign onto your screen in lighting fast time all while keeping your digits nice and toasty warm.

The RadTech Styloid Stylus is a perfect match to our VMRelease™App and is readily available – click here to find a dealer near you. Stay tuned as we are working on getting the Stylus into our upcoming store at a special discounted price for aour VMRelease™ customers.

Click here to check out the Stylus in action.

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