Saturday, December 24, 2011

Seasons Greeting to All

We at VMRelease™ would like to wish all of our followers and their friends and family a very joyful & safe holiday season.
2011 has almost come to a close and in doing so we at VMRelease™ all look forward to presenting some real cool goodies we have been working on.
Stay Tuned for some big Surprises coming in 2012.
cheers to all
Tom McGhee creator of the VMRelease™

Thursday, December 22, 2011

VMR Now Accepted by Corbis / Veer

We recently confirmed the exciting news that many of our friends have been waiting for. Just this week the good people at Corbis/Veer completed their review of the adult/minor and property releases created via our VMRelease™ App and approved the acceptance of these as a legally approved release for any of their contributors to attach with any future image submissions.
We shall be making official announcements on Jan 2 2012. In the meantime if you are a contributor to either one of these amazing image agencies you now have the piece of mind that VMRelease™ is being accepted in more and more agencies around the world.
Until next time enjoy the season and best wishes to all from the team at VMRelease™.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Burning Man Exhibit Last night I attended a wonderful exhibit at the gallery space of Fotocare Rental house here in NYC. The show was of the highest calibre in respect to capturing the beauty and tribal feeling of this annual event held in the desert of Nevada. The show is on until Dec 24th. For more info on the actual event check out the Burning Man website

Monday, November 21, 2011

World leading Stock agency Alamy welcomes VMRelease™

We at VMRelease™ are very proud to announce yet another world leader has joined the ever expanding list of high profile image providers who recognize the unique value that the VMRelease™ offers to any image creator working with Still or In Motion capture.

26 million and growing...
Alamy is unique in the way in which they operate unlike many other stock agencies, Alamy work on a open door policy for the submission of images. This allows for a truly diverse source of imagery from pro's through to talented amateurs in addition to this images are also sourced via a mix imagery from news archives, museums and national collections.
Therefore it should be of no real surprise that Alamy holds over 26 million images and is currently the worlds largest collection of online images for sale.

Alamy - VMR NYC Meet Up
I recently had the pleasure of meeting up with James Allsworth of Alamy following their involvement at the Visual Connections event here in New York. James was very generous with his very limited time while in the city and in doing so walked me through some of the future plans that this amazing company have in store for it's clients and contributors.
Alamy's latest news is that of their expansion into my homeland of Australia and also into the Middle East both of which are striving market places. click here to find out more: Alamy News
We look forward to connecting with many of Alamys  contributors and in doing so introduce them to the many benefits of providing their agency with Model & Property released images.
As we say at VMR whenever you add VMRelease you add Value to both your image and your bank balance.

Monday, November 7, 2011

VMRelease at PDN Expo NYC

It was another exciting event at this years PDN Photo Expo held at the Jarvis Ctr here in NYC.
The VMRelease promotional team were there handing out free VMR T-shirt's, Caps along with free downloads to the thousands of people who came in from everywhere to check out the latest in photo and film products being offered by the leaders in the field.
Our team of Jennifer, Rebecca & Justya added to the sunshine that blessed the show.
I also meet up with some of our supporters at the show including the great team at Resource Magazine who I shall be meeting with today to discuss some exciting new products that VMRelease shall be bringing to the market in 2012.
Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thanks ASMP members for your Support

We at VMRelease would like to personally thank both Victor Perlman (Gen Counsel & Mgr Dir) along with Peter Dyson (Dir of Communications) of the ASMP board for their amazing support in presenting this discount offer to their members.
Now there are even more Pro's out there in the field using the VMRelease and that is great as we know it is  by having Pros such as these choosing to use our App more and more that we can prove to everyone out there pro or casual shooter  the real benefits and the difference that having a tool like this in your kit can make to your digital workflow. These Pro's are the ideal ambasssdors  for our product as we know they are all 1 serious about covering themselves with anything in a legal sense and 2 that time is very precious to them all.
We look forward to your feedback and please let us know how we can further enhance the app to suit your needs.
Tom McGhee
Director & Creator of the VMRelease™

Thursday, July 21, 2011

ASMP Members 30% Discount till Aug 1st

To celebrate our latest positive review and acceptance by one of the most respected photo associations the ASMP American Society of Media Professionals we are for a limited time offering their members a great discount to introduce them to the many features and benefits of the VMRelease.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getty Images adds VMRelease to Contributors Site

We are excited to announce that Getty Images recently added the VMRelease to their worldwide photographers contributors site.

This is a true statement in the solid belief and support that agencies such as Gettys has in our application.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Foto Care Featured Photography App: Visual Media Release™

Visual Media Release™ are giving away a free download to the first 5 Foto Care customers who can tell them what two file formats are generated with the final release! Check out the Foto Care blog for more details and to read their review!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Tom McGhee introduces the benefits of VMRelease!

Tom McGhee, creator of VMRelease introduces the benefits of using his new Model / Property Release App for all image makers on the go.

Designed for pro photographers, producers and filmmakers, Visual Media Release™ creates a truly legal Model / Property Release right there on your mobile device. Moving your shoot forward, never backwards, the intuitive workflow is super fast and accepted by the world leaders in image licensing.

VMRlease available for download today at the Apple App Store.

Make Flickr work for you!

Hey Flickr Shooter!

Did you know that as a Flickr contributor you could also submit your images to Getty Images and make some Cash...

I recently meet with Gettys Head of Content North America, Andrew Delaney at their New York office and while showing Andrew the latest version of our VMRelease™ V1.2 Andrew mentioned that Gettys are very excited to have content from Flickr shooters to use in various forms for Advertising via both mobile and online delivery as well as traditional print.

Release Me!
He also mentioned that one of the most important components to submitting your images via Flickr is that Getty could only use or sell the images if the contributor (Photographer) supplies a legal Model or Property Release along with their images in the form of a jpeg or PDF.

We both agreed that this is where the VMRelease™ App comes into play creating both a jpeg & PDF version automatically. As you always have your phone with you, you always have the VMRelease™ available to capture/create/store and send Model/Property Releases for use in submitting your Flickr images to the world leader of image content.

What a great combination Getty / Flickr and VMRelease™

VMRelease™ accepted Worldwide by Getty Images....

Go to to find out more on being a Flickr / Getty Contributing Photographer

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Releases are Free!

No Dirty Tricks here!

A photographer asked me the other day...

"Does VMRelease™ charge per release as another application that is free to download does?"

My answer was simple "Never, no,  nadda"you kidding me no way! You pay a one time fee to download the App then create as many as you like for FREE!"

We at VMRelease™ believe in true transparency and no hidden fees, that's just not nice... it's a little bit like trickery.

It's like saying here have this free app then when you get on set or location to use it you are hit with a fee per release. We at VMRelease™ don't believe in the "pusher" way of working with our valued customers, we prefer to put everything up front right from the get go.

VMRelease™ gives you the freedom to create and send /store as many releases as your little thumbs can hammer out!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Follow VMRelease now via Twitter

Hey Everybody,

Keep up to date with the VMRelease creator Tom McGhee and his community via twitter.

Come follow Tom as he brings you the latest news happening within the Photo / Film industry whether it be a art show, film festival, photo exhibit or shoot share in the experience via our twitter feed.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

VMRelease now offers International & Jpeg - Pdf releases

Our design and development team have been working overtime to bring on a slew of new features to the VMRelease V1.2.

Among the new features coming to the table include:

a. Automatic generation of Jpeg / Pdf of final release
b. Option to Send or Delete releases from Saved folder
c. Automatic Save of both Jpeg / Pdf release within App Saved folder
d. Input for International address / phone / zip / country /
e. New clean fresh graphics

Check out the complete list of features offered in V1.2 online at www.vmrelease.

VMRelease always there with you!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Wait is Over!

Yes that time has finally come! The long years of dropped calls are now over. Verizon now is clear to offer the new G4 iPhone on their huge network.
Yet another reason to switch if you haven't already to the convenience and style of the iPhone, todays Social Media remote control.
Oh yes and once you have there is a nifty little App you can download.
Visual Media Release's talent release, in your hand where ever and when ever you need it.
Download today!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Verizon offers iPhone :)

Battle Lines Shift as Both Verizon and AT&T have rights to Apple's iPhone.

So now the wait is almost over people, with Apple's 3 yr contract with AT&T near it's end, Verzion are now pushing forward with their plans to provide subscribers with the iPhone.

I don't think I would rush out and buy shares in AT&T at the moment...

With this major development it will allow more of our creative clients and customers to enjoy our Visual Media Release App with the comfort of knowing that they now have a choice of service providers.

Good News all around.