Thursday, March 3, 2011

Our Releases are Free!

No Dirty Tricks here!

A photographer asked me the other day...

"Does VMRelease™ charge per release as another application that is free to download does?"

My answer was simple "Never, no,  nadda"you kidding me no way! You pay a one time fee to download the App then create as many as you like for FREE!"

We at VMRelease™ believe in true transparency and no hidden fees, that's just not nice... it's a little bit like trickery.

It's like saying here have this free app then when you get on set or location to use it you are hit with a fee per release. We at VMRelease™ don't believe in the "pusher" way of working with our valued customers, we prefer to put everything up front right from the get go.

VMRelease™ gives you the freedom to create and send /store as many releases as your little thumbs can hammer out!

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